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Friday, 3 July 2009

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Useful readings!! #2

Michel Foucault’s concept of heterotopias points toward counter-sites.... here is a link, click below to read.

Michel Foucault. Of Other Spaces (1967), Heterotopias


Michel Foucault uses the idea of a mirror as a metaphor for the duality and contradictions, the reality and the unreality of utopian projects. A mirror is metaphor for utopia because the image that you see in it does not exist, but it is also a heterotopia because the mirror is a real object that shapes the way you relate to your own image.

Foucault articulates several possible types of heterotopia or spaces that exhibit dual meanings:

  1. A ‘crisis heterotopia’ is a separate space like a boarding school or a motel room where activities like coming of age or a honeymoon take place out of sight.
  2. ‘Heterotopias of deviation’ are institutions where we place individuals whose behavior is outside the norm (hospitals, asylums, prisons, rest homes, cemetery).
  3. Heterotopia can be a single real place that juxtaposes several spaces. A garden is a heterotopia because it is a real space meant to be a microcosm of different environments with plants from around the world.
  4. 'Heterotopias of time' such as museums enclose in one place objects from all times and styles. They exist in time but also exist outside of time because they are built and preserved to be physically insusceptible to time’s ravages.
  5. 'Heterotopias of ritual or purification' are spaces that are isolated and penetrable yet not freely accessible like a public place. To get in one must have permission and make certain gestures such as in a sauna or a hammin.
  6. 'Heterotopias has a function in relation to all of the remaining spaces. The two functions are: heterotopia of illusion creates a space of illusion that exposes every real space, and the heterotopia of compensation is to create a real space--a space that is other.

more text by Foucault here

Monday, 29 June 2009

Ggoi will be at @Kaywon art school

i will set up a new blog about visual space for a workshop003 with my summer student in art, multi-media and design student at Kaywon art school. here is more about information about workshop006.

as part of our ongoing(hopefully sutdent could continue) investigation into urban space; interaction with others(creative audience), communication, precarious with sharing skills exchange. it will be fun to see what's happening if you walk to place you dont know to see whatelse is happening and its is an experiment to start off with other thinsgs.

prepheral space,
setting up situations, joyful and playful,
discover social hub, uncovering community

How does one utilize or occupy public space?

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Forthcoming Exhibition-Updated!!

Here is the link of CAM posted on YouTube.

Visningsrommet USF
22. mai – 21. Juni 2009
Åpning: fredag 22. mai // 1900
Mechanical reproduction of art changes the reaction of the masses toward art. […] The greater the decrease in the social significance of an art form, the sharper the distinction between criticism and enjoyment by the public. The conventional is uncritically enjoyed, and the truly new is criticized with aversion.
Walter Benjamin, The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

The title CAM refers to the practice of illegally copying movies by filming the screen in movie theatres. The exhibition actively refers to this practice by including a series of cammed contemporary art exhibitions currently showing in galleries and museums in more than ten countries on three continents.

CAM proposes a critical view on digital piracy in contemporary popular culture and raises questions about authenticity, exclusivity and representation.

Paraphrasing, copying and quoting are well established and acknowledged strategies in contemporary art through modernism and post-modernism. With contributions on the logic of representation like Walter Benjamin’s Art in the age of mechanical reproduction and his term “aura”, the significance of the singularity work of art is removed from its status as an original. In mechanical reproduction, like photography, there is no original or copy, and the experience of art is freed from the bourgeois structures of power and brought under the control of the masses. This democratization of reproduction has had an imperative effect on the arts in the way that copying and referring has become less a way of learning the practical aspect of art, but has merged into a diverse set of strategies directed towards producing new types of knowledge about art itself and about systems of knowledge like philosophy, science and politics.

Presenting cammed exhibitions from three continents, CAM points to the challenges concerning globalized dissemination of cultural products by shifting the power balance between market-oriented curatorial and artistic practices and the art consumer.

With the introduction of digital reproduction and dissemination of contemporary popular culture, the democratization of reproduction is revitalized. Digital technology potentially disseminates cultural production across boundaries, both cultural and physical, enabling new groups and individuals to partake in a global economy of knowledge, culture and finance. In a political sense, popular culture hence seemingly dethrones contemporary artistic practices as the main cultural signifier. This again points to one of contemporary arts main challenges which is to reach a public that is not already on familiar terms with art and its diverse practices.

The exhibition is curated by Arne Skaug Olsen together with Erlend Hammer, Jan Christensen, Synnøve G Wetten, Andre Gali, James Webb and Lerato Bereng, Jooyoung Lee, Jimmi Limit, Wang Baoju, Joris Lindhout, Jan Freuchen, Runa Johannessen and Dan Levenson.

CAM is supported by Arts Council Norway, The Municipality of Bergen, and Hordaland County.

Arne Skaug Olsen
Gallery Director // Fagansvarlig
+47 920 68 453

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Forthcoming talk on 29th Gagallery 8-10pm

normal type / normal talk

지 난 4월 15일 작동하기 시작한 normal type은 5월 말, 새로운 형식의 대화 프로그램인 normal talk를 개최합니다. normal talk는 지식과 감성의 나눔을 생동적으로 작동시킬 대화형 플랫폼입니다. 동시대 미술계의 이슈, 작가의 작업 및 프로젝트, 비판 이론에 대한 낭독과 강독 등 다양한 주제들이 유기적 포멧으로 진행될 예정입니다. normal talk는 관례화되거나 경직된 혹은 너무 수다스럽거나 소란스러운 대화의 자리를 벗어나, 아직은 어떻지 모르는 normal한 형식을 발명하고자 합니다.

날짜 : 5월 22일(금), 23일(토), 28일(목), 29일(금)
장소 : 719 라운지 (가 갤러리 1층)
시간 : 오후 8시 ~ 10시

5월 22일 금요일
김현진 / 미술 기관의 위기, 금융 위기 보다 더 심각한

미술 평론가이자 큐레이터인 김현진은 오는 6월초 한국예술종합학교 미술원 조형연구소에서 발행 예정인 [비주얼] 6호에 ‘미술 기관의 위기, 금융 위기 보다 더 심각한’이라는 시평을 작성했다. 이 글은 전지구적인 경제 위기 속에서 현재 한국 사회에서 야기되는 미술계의 변화를 미술 기관을 중심으로 작성된 것이다. 그러나 이 글은 비단 현재의 정치 경제적 위축이 야기한 동시대 한국 미술계와 미술 기관의 상황에 대한 진단을 넘어서서 한국 미술계에서 미술 기관의 의미를 진단하고 문제화시킬 수 있는 다양한 시사점을 제공한다. 이번 토크는 이 글을 바탕으로 동시대 사회 문화적 조건 내에서 미술 기관, 문화의 조건 등에 대해서 이야기를 나누는 자리이다.
-. 게스트 / 정현 (큐레이터 미술평론가) 호경윤 (아트인컬처 기자) 안태호 (컬처뉴스 편집장)
-. 사회자 / 김장언 (큐레이터 미술평론가)

5월 23일 토요일
이미연 / Bada2

작가 이미연은 지난 2008년 Bada2라는 드로잉 북을 출간했다. 이 드로잉 북은 그간 작가의 바다에 대한 드로잉을 책의 형식으로 재구성한 것이다. 작가는 바다에 대한 시각적 연구를 진행하면서 실종과 수색이라는 키워드를 중심으로 인간의 조건과 이미지의 상태를 연구했다. 그래서 이 드로잉 북은 단순한 드로잉들의 묶음이라기 보다는 바다에 대한 파편적인 기억과 비애적 상황에 대한 하나의 서사시가 된다. 이번 토크를 위해 작가는 자신의 드로잉을 재구성한 영상물을 상영하며, 상영 후, 바다에 대한 이야기를 할 예정이다.
-. 사회자 / 김장언 (큐레이터 미술평론가)

5월 28일 목요일
한상혁 / 다가가다

한상혁은 언뜻 동화적이고 자폐적인 자신의 세계에 속에서 자신만의 조형 언어를 탐구하는 것처럼 여겨진다. 그러나 이러한 그의 이름 없는 대상과 존재 그리고 자연에 대한 연구는 타자를 맞이하는 그 만의 태도이며, 타자를 알아가는 과정을 학습하는 또 다른 과정이다. 이번 대화에서 한상혁은 이름없는 대상들과 자연에 다가가는 자신의 태도를 사람들과 나누고자 한다.
-. 사회자 / 김장언 (큐레이터 미술평론가)

5월 29일 금요일
이주영 / 예술 품앗이 아웃소싱회사: 마포농산물시장사람들을 위한 리빙룸

이주영과 그의 동료들은 예술 품앗이 아웃소싱회사(Grassroots Global Outsourcing Inc, 이하GGOI) 를 설립했다. 그리고 2008년 GGOI의 임시 거처로 서울 상암동에 위치한 마포농수산물시장에 지역 주민을 위한 리빙룸을 작동시켰다. GGOI는 예술가들에게는 창작행위라는 노동행위를 그리고 대부분이 노동자인 지역 구성원들에게는 휴식을 제공하고자 했다. 이번 대화는 이러한 만남이 이루어낸 어떤 사건들에 대해서 이야기하는 자리이다.
-. 게스트 / 이성민 (도서출판 b 기획위원)
-. 사회자 / 김장언 (큐레이터 미술평론가)

※ 토크와 관련된 자료는에 업로드 될 예정입니다. 참조하시기 바랍니다.

-. 후원 : 719 제작소
-. 문의 :

(Gagallery Location)

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Forthcoming Events

Pics from the Bloggers meeting at NJP Art center.

Hello, hope you can join me at some of these.

Scroll down for full details of each.


Blogger’s Meeting

May 9th, 2009 (Saturday)

At Nam June Paik Art Center

Dear All,

The Nam Jun Paik Art Center would like to invite you to the Cultural Blogger’s Meeting on May 9th, 2009.

The Nam Jun Paik Art Center opened last October with its inaugural Festival Now Jump. With the current staging of the first regular exhibition First Stop on the Super Highway we would like to promote better communication between different artistic and culture groups. Taking Nam June Paik’s original 1974 idea of an “Electronic Super Highway,” we would like to foster further communication between different important participants in the current visual arts scene.

Today bloggers are a powerful social network that produce discourse about art and culture, thus, we would like to invite the “authors” of different Korean cultural blogs addressing visual arts and culture to come to the Nam June Paik Art Center for an informal gathering on May 9th. This will a great chance to meet each other, exchange information and see what meeting in person can contribute to the lively Korean Blog Scene. Since it will be the first meeting, we would like to keep the schedule flexible to allow open discussions.

May 9th (Saturday) Meeting

12 noon Arrive at the Nam June Paik Art Center

12 - 1 Lunch

1 - 2:30 sTour of the NJP Art Center (accompanied by Tobias Berger, Chief Curator)

2:30 - 4:30 Open Discussion (with coffee & snacks)

Shuttle Bus

11:15 HanNam-Dong (Across the street from DanKook University) -> NJP Art Center

4:30 NJP Art Center -> HanNam-Dong

If you know of a blogger we may have missed please let us know – thank you.

Language assistance will be provided for English speakers.

Since places are limited, please RSVP by May 3rd


Name: JiYong Ahn (Please provide your contact information)


Phone: 031) 201-8529

We are looking very much forward to meet you.

Tobias Berger, Chief Curator

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

trash mountain#1-updated!!

Blakey from the Literallies-played for Ggoi project showed me Ahyun-dong in Seoul redevelopment area in a rainy day. look how redevelopment is going in Seoul now. Also Blakey has a bunch of pictures of that place. they are called it Korean design style. Please check out more trash mountain photos by Blakey bear on Flickr.
here is a link of Art and phtography by Blakey bear

Saturday, 14 February 2009


Please read what I posted for Bureau for Unstable Urbanism in Norway. Here is the link of Disappearnace, and Gentrification/urban renewal and neighborhood change in the city of Seoul.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Linked post about Tradgey Redevelopment#2

There are lots of dedicated jounalists-seems Detective of History. here is the story about this tradgey witten by a writer called Matt.
Gusts Of Popular Feeling: Burning Yongsan

and here is more News in Korean Shipping container again is a symbol of the globalization .

Redevelopment in Seoul NOW #1-Updated!!

I took this pic on 28th Feb 2008. Seokyodong near Hapjeong Station( is my neighbourhood) where the new building is in the process... This grey fense-wall is part of the street you have to see everyday in Seoul. will post new pic of this street soon...I just got a comment by a blogger who wrote about The Disappearance of Gindeung Maeul(below link). He sent me the link of some pictures of this neighbourhood's destruction last year(above pic). Really thansk for that as i have lost all my old pics on my hard drive-devastating!!

Here is brief intro about previous project in Bergen:
My project will be undertaken on both an independent and a collaborative-basis, exploring the interstices of public and private spaces. For instance, I would like to invite local participants including artists, architect, musicians, designers, students and cultural workers from various groups within the community. It allows invited artists, students and cultural workers to make descriptions of self-portraits in words or speaking (by using narrative), for local participants and communities to produce and participate in art production. For example, Participants are invited to reply to questions: describing themselves, their work, their future plans and how cultural workers help with gentrification, urban renewal, the creation of a service economy, labor of affect/emotions etc.
"How artist help with gentrification, urban renewal, the creation of a service economy, labor of affect/emotions? "
BTW I found very useful info about other part of city "Redevelopment" in Seoul. check this Gusts Of Popular Feeling: The Disappearance of Gindeung Maeul

Monday, 29 December 2008

Cassette Tape 'GGOI'-Tracklist:

Ggoi Cassette tapes, Edition 100 @ Zeroone Design Centre

1 Day1 GGOIsong by Hongshine& Noityphoon
2 Day2 GGOIsong by Hongshine& Noityphoon
3 Day3 GGOIsong by Hongshine& Noityphoon
4 Day4 GGOIsong by Hongshine&Noityphoon
5 Day5 GGOIsong by Hongshine& Noityphoon
6 Day6 with Audience
7 Day10 with Audience
8 Day10 with Audience

9 Day7 with Bjorn Kowalski Hansen
10 Day9 with Audience
11Day10 with Audience
12 Day11 with Audience
13 Day12 with Audience
14 BULGASARI Angela & Scott
15 BULGASARI JO Youngmin

Cube 6/Seoulcity Gallery Project Mobile Cube/Seoul Design Olympic 2008

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Comments about GGOI @ BAF on 14th Dec Eve via Facebook Part2!

Grassroots global outsourcing inc.
Between You and Cheryl Borja
This message is branched from a previous thread. Show thread history.
Today at 2:41pm
"The GGOI event was amazing, and I'm excited to have been a part of it. It was such a positive experience to have a community-based art happening where everyone involved was able to contribute and communicate through various creative outlets. Every aspect of the event seemed to share an underlying theme of diversity, spontaneity, exploration, and accessibility. Fostering this kind of energy, giving opportunities to spark improvisation and interconnectivity, is a wonderful thing and I look forward to many more nights like that"

More Pics from GGOI's gig: Bulgasars @ BAF

Choi jinyong and Jin sangtae as part of Bulgasari
Kim Young jin as part of Bulgasari.

Photos by Kim Craig

Thanks to everyone who played with> Bulgasari at GGOI. and the Literallies-Minsun, Sarah, Blakey, Raphael-Dj Will Smith, Mixptape(Eugene and Frazer) and Amber, Cheryl, Michael, Kim who worked at the Kitchen.

It was Great event to have a community based art. It was also a mixutre of Lots of media and experiences on a various level. As Pamela said (Below): "The event was also non-heirarchical, non-age-based, non-class-based, and included people from mixed ethnic backgrounds" Yes. we had definately cross generation as well as cross disciplines including experimental music, djing, cooking, sculpture etc.
If you are interested in becoming part of a diverse group of artist and musicians with Ggoi to meet and make, talk and engage with then we want to hear form you for Ggoi's future project.

During the show there will be a PA system available for visitor or musician so if you are looking for place to pratice please go and get it!!

Comments about GGOI @ BAF on 14th Dec Eve via Facebook!

Pamela Cash wrote
at 12:59am tomorrow

I couldn't figure out how to comment on the blog so:
The event was, for me, primarily about making art a community event. The art was a mixture of not only several media and several different kinds of experiences but a mixture of ways to extend ourselves to others as an artistic community. The event was also non-heirarchical, non-age-based, non-class-based, and included people from mixed ethnic backgrounds. I enjoyed being there, had a lot of fun, and felt a lot of excitement for the small art community I'm lucky to be a part of.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Improvised Cooking vs Improvised music!

Bulgasari-Lee Bong gyo who played Jangoo-Korean traditional drum, Lee hanjoo, ChoYoungmin (from Left)
Sarah, Blakey, Bridget!
Amber, Cheryl, Ryan0-three Amazing chefs!!

Bulgasari!! Jeniffer flanklin and Lee Bonggyo's jam.

Amber Hill-great cook!!
Michael is worked as a Sangria guy! thanks Michale. Your ingredients are specifed to cook an specific dish.
Cheryl-Amazing cook.

The literallis!! (Photo by Jeniffer flanklin from above and below)

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Opening GGOI at Beyond Art Festival 2008

Opening reception at Zeroone Design Centre.

Enterance of Zeroone Design Centre.
GGOI Cassette Tapes-100 limited edition.
GGOI at BAF Installation view.

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Email from an Audience!!


예술 품앗이 아웃소싱회사 블로그를 보게 되었습니다.

님 제가 요즘에

어떻게 인터넷에서 즉흥음악하는 형들을 만나게되서

요즘에 그 형들이랑 실험적인 즉흥음악을 하고 있는데요

저희도 예술품앗이 아웃소싱회사에 참가할수 있을까요??

그형들이 그곳이 어떤곳인지 직접가서 보고싶다고해요

언제 행사같은거 안하나요?

gpatient님의 블로그

하나씩 쌓아가자

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

GGOI upcoming show @Beyond Art Festival 5-25DEC-Updated!!

Exhibition and
bulgasari, mixtape, launch of limited edition of Casstte Tape by GGOI and The literallies and DJ Will Smith.

Opening: Friday 5th of December at 5pm at Zeroone Design Center, Seoul

14th DEC from 4.00pm-9pm
BYOV-bring your own vegetable!!
Have a special Cook experience with us!!
During entire show there will be a sound system available
for visitor to play and record their music.

BYOD-bring your own device!!

Mix Tape 믹스테입은 한국에서 들을 수 없는 음악을 나눈다는점에 포커스를 둔 언더그라운드 파티이다.
프레이저 스미스 - Frazer Smith Artist/ Illustrator
The literallies-Sara Gautier/Minsun kim/Blakey Bear

GGOI presents for the first time in Seoul their limited edition GGOI's Cassette Tapes for the Musicians who presented by GGOI as well as workers in Mapo Agricultural and Marine Market where GGOI first located in Seoul. GGOI' Cassette tape is collection of the sound which recorded during GGOI's first exhibition. GGOI and Yogiga have produced the cassette tape in editions of 100. The tape will be sold with certificates signed and numbered by the artists. The exhibition also includes a series of recycled chairs-signed and numbered by the artists produced by GGOI.

Where: 제로원디자인센터
서울 종로구 동숭동 1-1번지 (Hye Hwa St. Exit No.1)
And Check out the map here for Zero one Design Center.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Scratching the surface diving in deep Part 2 Incheon

Please check out the blog link here
to see photos of the Performance by Minod Moktan

Scratching the surface diving in deep Part 2-Incheon
on 9th Nov. eve. 2008.

Jooyoung Lee (Korea)
Minod Moktan (Nepal)+Eugene Blake (Korea/UK)

Independent Drawings Gig.4 Incheon
2008. 10. 12 – 2008. 11. 9
11.9 /Closing Party: 9th Nov. 5pm
Incheon Jakjeon-dong Jinyoung Plastic Factory

Supported by Incheon Foundation for Arts & Culture
Sponsored by Jinyoung Plastic Factory

Poster designed by Frazer smiths

Scratching the Surface-Diving in Deep Part 1 (Jooyoung Lee and Sextags) was co-curated by Anne Szefer Karlsen and Abdellah Karroum for the Moroccan web radio Radio Apartment #22
Scratching the Surface-Diving in Deep Part 2 Incheon (Jooyoung Lee) is part of ID Drawing Gig 4
is curated by Eunji Cho.

I'm planning to hire a migrant worker living in Korea to be a one-day DJ. (The worker will actually be a cultural ambassador for three different countries.) This 'ambassador' will receive training and compensation for work as a DJ. He or she will play a compilation of Norwegian music as well as other varou music for the opening party of "ID Drawing Gig" at a functioning plastic factory in the industrial port city of Incheon, Korea.
Incheon is a symbol of multiculturalism with a history embedded with colonialism and global trade. Within one city exists a strong Korean, Chinese, Japanese, British, and American presence. "The 'ambassador' will introduce the Bergen music, selected by the artist (from Korea) from her artist residency in Norway as well as his favorite music, to a Korean audience. All selected music is streamed at the Moroccan Radio Apartment #22 online radio station under the title of Scratching Surface Diving in Deep/Jooyoung Lee.